Leaving Cert Results 2019

Leaving Cert Results 2019
Greg Ashe


Congratulations to all the students of the Class of 2019, and to the Principal, their teachers and housemasters, and everyone who helped in any way to prepare them for the Leaving Certificate examination. The Leaving Cert is a huge event in any young person’s life, and while it is by no means the only standard against which we are measured, it is an important one. Much drama and hype surrounds both the exams and the results, and simply getting through it all is an achievement in itself.

We were delighted with the results achieved by our students this year. The media love to feature photos of students who achieve exceptional results, and some schools use their high achievers in order to promote their school. But highlighting the high achievers gives only a partial picture. Outstanding success is not to be found only in scoring 600+ points, but in performing to the best of one’s ability, whatever the level of that ability. Success in education is found in unlocking that ability and allowing the student to shine.

We too had some very high achievers and we are delighted for them. In a small school, with a Leaving Cert class of 39, three students scoring over 600 points is indeed excellent. But lots of others did really well too. This year’s average is the fourth highest in the last twenty-five years. We have every reason to be very proud of all our students and staff.

  • 3 students scored over 600 points
  • 10 students scored over 550 points
  • 36% of students scored over 500 points
  • 82% of students scored over 400 points
  • Class average was 479 points

This is an excellent set of results by any standard. It speaks of a vibrant school where learning in community, guided by committed staff, bears abundant fruit.

Congratulations to all.

Fr Martin Browne OSB