Lukas Bachman Wins Silver in the World Mathematics Olympiad

Lukas Bachman Wins Silver in the World Mathematics Olympiad
Denis Hooper

Lukas Bachmann has won the Silver medal for Ireland at the world’s most prestigious second-level Mathematics competition. What an incredible achievement for Lukas, for Glenstal Abbey School and indeed for Thomas Franklin, Lukas' Maths teacher.

Lukas was one of 621 contestants from 112 countries who competed in the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) in Bath in England.

The annual competition attracts the brightest mathematical brains on the planet. It is regarded as a source of national prestige in Asia in particular, with China, North Korea and Thailand prominent among the countries participating.

Lukas was part of the six-person Irish team selected after sitting two Mathematical papers at home. 

As you know from previous Posts on this website, Lukas won a Bronze medal at the competition last year and hoped to win Gold this time around, but was stumped by a question about positive integers.

“It was one of those simple questions that had a trick to it in order to solve it. Now I know the trick,” he said. “Everything I have done over the last four years in Glenstal Abbey School and in U.L. has truly cemented me in participating in this. 

In the three weeks leading up to the Olympiad, Lukas did mathematics training camps with the other Irish participants.

“I would say that it is not something that any ordinary student could come in and ace. You need a lot of preparation to even understand the questions.”

Everyone in Glenstal Abbey School is immensely proud of what Lukas has achieved since joining the school four years ago. In that time he has given us all a great feeling of pride and this final award on the World stage has been the icing on the cake.

We wish Lukas every success for the future.