Sean Considine's Entertaining Account of the Junior House Paris Trip

Sean Considine's Entertaining Account of the Junior House Paris Trip
Denis Hooper

The Eiffel Tower Trip

It was the second day of the French trip. Me and a companion, un collègue, were having an epic battle with some dirty crows, des individus sales. We were at the Eiffel tower, La Tour Eiffel. Many people were going over to a crêpe stand as we were all very hungry but due to a financial situation I was unable to purchase une crêpe. Me and un collègue wandered off to where we found some cheeky crows.We were not about to put up with cette insolence when suddenly we heard God's voice. “Epic deal boys! Five Eiffel towers for a fiver!Après un  argument long et ardu we were able to bargain him into getting them for quatre euros. Grande victoire!

We took a break from the bargaining for une séance photo when something terrible, something catastrophique, happened: Kieran dropped sa crêpe! We all watched avec horreur as la crêpe  hit the ground. There was un moment de silence but then a voice piped up “Can I have it?” And Kieran sadly abandonné sa crêpe.

Moi et mes collègues returned to bargaining when we got une bonne idée. If we got a fellow student to buy, acheter, for dix euros we could have five each for free! Being les hommes d’affaires we decided to take the African vendor up on his offer.We managed to get John Bell to acheter them and while he was saying how génial the deal was, me and my business collègue, we celebrated, nous avons célébré, our own genial deal. We thought the dealings with the homme noir were over but to our surprise he got on the bus avec nous. Eventuellement, after many great offres he left the bus and we were left feeling génial, except for John Bell - but he should have been more sage when it came to dealing with à moitié Irish and African hommes d’affaires. That was the end to the Eiffel tower trip.

Sean Considine
Second Year