Senior Basketball v St. Munchins -by Clovis Tenison

Senior Basketball v St. Munchins -by Clovis Tenison
Denis Hooper

TEAM: Shane O’Donnell, Ben McCartan, Clovis Tenison, Tim Hyde, Michael O’Donnell, Hugo McElligott, Art Keane, Sean Carey, Brian Hirooka, Hugh Lawler, Connor Fleming, Younes Lefgoum, Matthew Lyne, Tom Ryan.

COACH:  Aussie Ben Khoury

On Wednesday, the Glenstal basketball team travelled to St. Munchins to play their first ever basketball game.

The game began with a 14-0 run to Munchins, but Glenstal bounced back as  Michael O’Donnell sunk a historic first basket to make it 14-2.

The quarter ended 26-4, however the players were not quick to give up. The bench, led by Hugo McElligott put on a fantastic display of skill to end the first half with a 4-0 run.

The second half was much of the same and the players put on a good show. The match ended with a fun filled 5th quarter and  a close 52-24 scoreline meant that Glenstal’s zero percent losing streak came to an end.

The Glenstal team displayed fantastic teamwork and sportsmanship throughout and after the game, they went to McDonalds.

Clovis Tenison (6th Year)