Welcome Back to Everyone

Welcome Back to Everyone
Denis Hooper

On Tuesday, we welcomed the boarders back for another academic year.

The Day Boarders arrived here yesterday morning and the new First Years in the afternoon. They were met by the Raven and lots of TY prefects who helped them to bring the bags and belongings to the dorms.

Today, was the first whole school Assembly and it was taken by School Captain Richard Enright who welcomed the new boys to the school and encouraged every student to take part in school life. He said it was vital for people to get involved where the school and the students benefit.

After Assembly. the first full day of classes began.

The First Year have an Orientation day today and so far so good with them. They seem to be quite settled already. We wish them every success during their time with us at Glenstal Abbey School.

There are some photos of the First Years arriving as well as this mornings Assembly in the Photos Section.