Glenstal Abbey School is a company limited by guarantee and a registered Irish Charity – No. CHY 21385. The primary object of the company is the advancement of education in accordance with the Benedictine tradition.

The company directors are also the governors of the school. The overall responsibility for the governance, financial stewardship and strategic direction and development of Glenstal Abbey School rests with the Board of Governors. The working relationship between Glenstal Abbey and Glenstal Abbey School is governed by a binding protocol. In particular, the protocol defines matters where monastic consent must be obtained by the school.

The current Board of Governors members are:

  • Mr. Richard Walsh – Chairperson
  • Abbot Brendan Coffey OSB – Abbot
  • Mr David S Leahy
  • Fr. Cuthbert Brennan OSB – Abbey Bursar
  • Fr. Christopher Dillon OSB
  • Fr William Fennelly OSB
  • Ms. Mary Frost
  • Ms. Margaret Lennon
  • Mr Jerry Cronin

There are a minimum of five Governors and a maximum of twelve. The Board of Governors includes four members of the monastic community, including ex officio the Abbot and Abbey Bursar. The Abbot shall, ex officio, be the President of the Board of Governors. The Chairman of the Board of Governors is appointed by the Abbot. The term of appointment to the Board of Governors is five years. All appointments are renewable at the end of their term.

The Board of Governors will meet as often as the Governors deem necessary, subject to a minimum of four meetings per year. The Headmaster, Fr. Martin Browne attends all meetings and reports on all aspects of the school.

The Board of Governors has established a number of sub-committees. They are as follows: Finance, Scholarships & Bursaries, Curriculum & Education, Extra-Curricular Activities and Nominations & Appointments.

The school is required by the Education Act, 1998 to have a Board of Management. The remit of the Board of Management includes management of the educational affairs of the school, the preparation and implementation of operating policies, the recruitment of teachers, the appointment of teachers to posts of responsibility, the hearing of complaints against staff and student disciplinary issues. The working relationship between the Board of Management and Board of Governors is governed by a binding protocol.

The term of office for the Board of Management is three years.

The composition of the Board of Management is specified in its Constitution. Four members, including the Chairperson, are nominated by the Board of Governors in its capacity as Patron of the school; two members are parents of students enrolled in the school; and two members are lay teachers of the school.

The current Board of Management members are:

  • Mr David S Leahy – Chairperson
  • Fr. Martin Browne OSB – Patron nominee
  • Fr. John O’Callaghan OSB – Patron nominee
  • Mr. Joe Torpey – Patron nominee
  • Ms. Ciara Daly– Parent nominee
  • Mr. Garret Hartigan– Parent nominee
  • Ms. Ann Aungier – Teacher nominee
  • Mr. Thomas Franklin – Teacher nominee

The Principal, Ms. Carmel Honan, is the Secretary to the Board of Management.

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