School Executive
Headmaster Fr. Simon Sleeman
Deputy Headmaster Fr. Cuthbert Brennan
Principal Ms. Carmel Honan
Bursar Fr. Martin Browne



Headmaster Fr.  Simon Sleeman
Deputy Headmaster Fr. Cuthbert Brennan
Principal Ms. Carmel Honan
Acting Deputy Principal Mr. Trevor Fitzgerald
Dean of Studies Br. Cillian O Sé
Assistant Principal 1 (Junior Behaviour Team) Mr. Tony Breen
Acting Assistant Principal 2 (Exam Secretary & Senior Behaviour Team) Ms. Helena Foley
Director of Admissions Ms. Noelle O’Brien
Co-Curricular Activities Mr. Nick Miller & Mr. Felix Ross
Director of Development Mr. James Ó Murthuile
Director of Finance Mr. John Cannon
IT Manager Mr. Greg Ashe
Maintenance Manager Mr. Paddy O’Connor
Hospitality and Housekeeping Manager Ms. Oonagh Bermingham
Management Accountant Mr. Noel Brosnan
School Administration Ms. Anne Marie Ryan
Ms. Elaine Kinane
Accounts Officers Ms. Audrey Collins, Ms. Cáit Dunlea
Catering Manager Ms. Amy Byrne


Ancient Classics Mr. Ian Murphy
Art, Craft, Design Ms. Yvonne Bedford
Business/Economics Ms. Mairead O’Sullivan
English Mr. Adam Newman
French Fr. John O'Callaghan
Gaeilge Dr. Catherine O’Brien
German Ms. Daniela Leahy
Spanish Ms. Laura Cantero
Geography Mr. Ian Murphy
History Ms. Helena Foley
IT Ms. Lisa Holly
Mathematics Mr. Thomas Franklin
Music Ms. Hazel O’Herlihy
Physical Education Mr. Thomas Franklin
Politics and Society Mr. Seán Skehan
RE/CSPE/SPHE Ms. Ann Aungier
Science Dr. Jason Comerford
Technical Graphics Mr. Noel Kinane


Senior House Mr. Felix Ross, Fr. William Fennelly
Inter House Mr Nick Miller, Mr. Finbar Aherne, Mr Noel Kinane 
Junior House Mr. Kieran Sparling, Mr Harry Fleming


Chaplain Fr. Denis Hooper OSB
Guidance Counsellor Ms. Fiona Hanly
Matron Nurse Margaret Moloney


Health Centre Nurse Margaret Moloney, Nurse Noreen Conlan
School Library Br. Colmán O'Clabaigh
Arts/Music/Drama Ms. Patrice Madden, Ms. Yvonne Bedford
Warden Mr. Ger Gardiner
Maintenance Mr. Eamonn Slattery, Mr. Georgie Boyle, Mr. Pat Daly
Security Mr. Eugene O’Reilly
Housekeeping Supervisor Ms. Mary Fitzgibbon
Housekeeping Ms. Deirdre Power, Ms. Helen Maher, Ms. Mary Quigley, Ms. Mary O’Dwyer, Ms. Siobhan Ryan, Ms. Jackie Hoban, Ms Rachael Power, Ms. Mickaela Ryan and Ms. Chloe Redfern
Chefs Mr. Lee Boatman, Mr. Wayne Hislop, Ms. Paula Fahey,  Ms. Nicole Stewart, Ms. Marie Finn
Catering Ms. Mary Dee, Ms. Eileen Deere, Ms. Helen Rush,  Ms. Margaret Wixted, Ms. Deirdre Hogan,  Ms. Amy Redfern, Mr. Scott O’Brien, Mr. Yazid Lakel, Ms. Jennifer Lynch
Special Needs Assistants Ms. Monica O’Brien, Ms. Fiona Kennedy


Applied Mathematics Mr. Des Fry
Art, Craft, Desigh Ms. Yvonne Bedford
Biology Mr. Jason Comerford

Ms. Mairead O’Sullivan, Ms. Lisa Holly,  Ms. Deirdre O’Connell, Mr. Seán Skehan

Chemistry Dr. Jason Comerford, Ms. Mary McKeogh, Mr. Cathal Reid
Classical Studies Mr. Ian Murphy
CSPE Ms. Anne Aungier, Ms. Patrice Madden
Digital Literacy Mr. Noel Kinane, Ms. Sudah Dhinam
Economics Ms. Mairead O’Sullivan
English Ms.  Maeve Casey, Ms. Eleanor Egan,  Ms. Helena Foley, Ms. Anne Aungier,  Mr. Adam Newman,
Dr. Catherine O’Brien
French Fr. John O’Callaghan, Mr. David Cantwell
Gaeilge Ms. Patrice Madden, Dr. Catherine O’Brien
Geography Mr. Ian Murphy, Mr. Tony Breen, Mr. Ciarán Devitt
German Ms. Daniela Leahy, Ms. Hazel O’Herlihy
History Mr. Ian Murphy, Mr. Adam Newman, Ms. Julie McGrath
ICT Ms. Lisa Holly, Mr. Thomas Franklin, Ms. Deirdre O’Connell
Latin Abbot Christopher, Fr. Lino
Learning Support Ms. Aideen Fitzgibbon,  Ms. Mary McKeogh, Ms. Ann Aungier,  Ms. Deirdre O’Connell,
Ms Monica O’Brien, Ms. Fiona Kennedy
Mathematics Mr. Des Fry, Mr. Trevor Fitzgerald,  Ms. Sudha Dhiman, Mr. Thomas Franklin
Music Ms. Hazel O’Herlihy
Physical Education Mr. Thomas Franklin, Mr. Ciarán Devitt, Mr. Tony Breen
Physics Mr. Des Fry & Ms. Sudha Dhiman
Politics and Society Mr. Seán Skehan
Religious Education Ms. Ann Aungier, Ms. Julie McGrath, Fr. Columba McCann, Mr. Kieran Sparling, Fr. John O’Callaghan
Science Dr. Jason Comerford, Ms. Mary McKeogh,  Ms. Sudha Dhiman, Mr. Des Fry, Mr. Cathal Reid
SPHE Ms. Anne Aungier, Mr. Thomas Franklin,  Mr. Trevor Fitzgerald
Technical Graphics Mr. Noel Kinane
Well Being Ms. Fiona Hanly, Mr. Jason Comerford, Mr. Noel Kinane, Ms. Mairead O'Sullivan, Mr. Kieran Sparling


Junior Cycle 

1st Year Ms. Mairead O'Sullivan - Iota
Mr. Thomas Franklin - Omega
2nd Year Mr. Ciarán Devitt - Gamma
Ms. Daniela Leahy - Theta
Dr. Jason Comerford - Xi
3rd Year Mr. Cathal Reid - Chi
Ms. Patrice Madden - Kappa
Ms. Sudha Dhiman - Nu

Transition Year

TY Coordinator Mrs. Lisa Holly

Senior Cycle

5th Year Ms. Mary McKeogh - Alpha
Dr. Catherine O’Brien – Lambda
Fr. John O’Callaghan – Mu
6th Year Fr. Simon Sleeman - Zeta

Fr. William Fennelly – Epsilon and Rho