Transition Year

Transition Year, is an integral and compulsory part of the Glenstal educational experience. Transition Year  in a boarding school offers unique opportunities for participation in a wide range of interesting, formative and entertaining activities. 

The school believes strongly in the merits and benefits of this experience and Glenstal’s Transition Year is one where there is definite structure and content (with defined expectations of meaningful achievements for each boy ) . At the same time, it is not a year where every last detail of what will be studied or experienced will be prescribed in advance. It is a year where boys, staff and parents work together to allow varied and new experiences of learning and real wonder to take place, and where valuable skills for life and living are discovered and absorbed. Many boys join the school in Transition Year and go on to complete the Leaving Certificate with us.

Freed from the constraints of the exam curricula, Transition Year allows the school work more fully according to its Benedictine ethos. Though the Rule of St Benedict was written for monks, many of its key values, such as discretion, freedom, gentleness and self-control permeate the design of our Transition Year programme, providing opportunities for an holistic approach to education. Flexibility and freedom is incorporated in our programme so that our students may grow and develop the full richness of their unique potential.