Our in-house catering provider, BaxterStorey are so enthusiastic about the quality and variety of food they prepare each day at Glenstal Abbey School that we felt it was best to let them tell their own story. 

Feeding your child’s independent mind!

BaxterStorey is proud to be Glenstal Abbey’s caterer, providing nourishing, varied and tasty food for the students in our care.  Our carefully planned, nutritionist approved menus, are designed to provide healthy, appetising and interesting food that can be enjoyed by all.

On a daily basis we provide all students with a delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch and supper, with a special focus on fresh foods that positively contribute to the boys’ health and wellbeing.  At Glenstal Abbey our chefs source fresh, seasonal produce and ingredients from local suppliers to prepare and serve dishes that are full of flavour and nutrition, and we also use fruit and vegetables grown on the grounds of Glenstal Abbey. 

We take our responsibility towards the boys’ health and development most seriously and ensure that we cater fully for the special dietary needs and allergies of all boys within the School.

We also understand the importance that food and meal times play within the boys’ day, not only for nourishment but also as an opportunity to communicate and to share ideas and stories with their fellow students.  With this in mind, meal times in the School refectory are sociable occasions that enable the boys and staff to communicate freely in a warm and comfortable atmosphere, at weekends and for those special occasions we use sharing initiatives to promote interaction i.e. sharing platters etc. 

We also cater for the varied extra-curricular activities that are such an integral and important element of student life in Glenstal Abbey School providing appropriate food and beverages including visiting team meals, themed suppers or leaving dinners.

Our Head Chef, Lee Boatman, not only designs an attractive and enjoyable food offer for the boys, he also delivers a number of food related initiatives designed to inform the boys about the importance of good food and a maintaining a healthy diet, including juice and smoothie demos, meet the Grower Day’, special themed suppers and cooking demonstrations. 

BaxterStorey at Glenstal

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