Debating / Public Speaking


In addition to the various in-class debating activities, all students have the opportunity to develop and use basic public speaking and debating skills. A special after-school programme is organised for all Juniors, to introduce them to the basics of public speaking. This groundwork is further developed in Transition Year.

The Senior Debating Society is open to all 5th and 6th Year students. In recent years, boys have competed successfully in several major national competitions, including the Denny Schools Debates, the Concern Debates and the Mental Health Public Speaking Project

Public Speaking & Effective Communication

Public Speaking & Effective Communication classes are also available to our students. The classes focus on developing the students’ conversation, and creative skills, improving their ability to communicate with fluency and self-confidence which will expand their overall communication skills.

The ability to express oneself in an effective and coherent manner is an invaluable skill no matter what career path one takes.

Aspects of Speech & Drama are incorporated to make the young person a confident and effective communicator. As a discipline, it is concerned with the development of the performer and the person. It encourages the harnessing of the individual’s personal resources including sensory perception, intellect, imagination, concentration, physical and verbal skills and emotional control. However, it is also a social activity which promotes group sensitivity, awareness and empathy.

Students will develop and enhance their communication skills through exercises and group work in voice production, public speaking, verse, prose, sight reading, mime and drama.

Emphasis will be placed on public speaking in order to give students the capacity to express themselves with confidence and clarity.

Students will be encouraged to prepare for annual examinations in Public Speaking & Effective Communication with the Irish Board of Speech & Drama.

Students will also be encouraged to enter competitions. These include competitions in Impromptu Speaking, Sight Reading and Solo Verse.

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