Daily Programme

The times of Morning Call, the length of Second Study and ‘Lights Out’ vary from House to House, according to age, but most other details are identical across the school. The following is the daily schedule for a student in Junior House (1st & 2nd Year).


07.30 Morning Call


08.30 Day Boarders arrive


9:00-9:40Period 1Period 1Period 1Period 1Period 1Period 1
9:40-10:20Period 2Period 2Period 2Period 2Period 2Period 2
10:20-11:00Period 3Period 3Period 3Period 3Period 3Period 3
11:20-12:00Period 4Period 4Period 4Period 4Period 4Period 4
12:00-12:40Period 5Period 5Period 5Period 5Period 5Period 5
13:20-14:00Period 6Period 6LUNCHPeriod 6Period 6
14:00-14:40Period 7Period 7 Period 7Period 7
14:40-15:20Period 8Period 8 Period 8Period 8
Monday - Friday Saturday
17:40Study #1 18:00Study #1
19:45 - 21:15Study #2 20:00Study #2
21:30+Night Prayer - times vary within each House 21:15Movie
21:45+Lights Out - times vary within each House 23:15Lights Out


During term, there are a variety of weekend activities which our boarders participate. These are usually structured between meals and evening study, where possible. Trips which are typically offered on Saturday afternoons include: 

  • Cinema trips
  • Paintballing
  • Provincial and International Rugby fixtures
  • King John’s Castle
  • The Thomond Park Museum
  • Walking tour of Limerick
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Mountain Biking
  • Outdoor activity centres (kayaking, rock climbing and team building)
  • Bowling

Students begin the day at the later time of 8.30 am on Sunday. The entire campus community attends Mass in the Abbey Church at 10 am. Students from each boarding house have some involvement at the liturgy, which includes, acting as a server, carrying up the offertory gifts, singing in the choir and reading. 

Following Sunday Mass, boarders are given time to sign out for lunch with family and friends who may be visiting. Boarders are also encouraged to prepare for the week ahead and make use of the recreational facilities available at the school which include table tennis, pool tables, Sports Hall, tennis courts, Common Rooms and Library. There is also a pitch and putt facility adjacent to the school which students may attend in groups. In house competitions are also organised regularly on Sundays for all students.

All are welcome to the Community Mass at 10.00 am on Sunday mornings and coffee is served in the Barrington Room in the castle building immediately afterwards. Students are free after Mass and they may go out with family members or choose to participate in the organised activities which normally take place on Sunday afternoons. A wide range of activities is offered, including cinema, swimming, bowling, surfing and go-karting.

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