Learning Support

Glenstal Abbey School has a well equipped and active Learning Support Department. Advances in psychology and educational theory have taught us that not all children have the same learning styles and that the talents and intelligence of students are harnessed in different ways. The goal of the Learning Support Department is to aid students to develop and improve their own learning capacity and rate.

During Learning Support periods, the focus is not on class-work and the aim is not simply to provide ‘grinds’. Instead, the aim is to teach each student strategies and skills to learn and apply his knowledge for himself. This allows him to benefit more fully from the time which he spends in regular subject classes. Support teachers coordinate their efforts with teachers of core subjects, such as English and Mathematics, and concentrate on developing the skills that are most urgently required.

There is extensive cooperation and information-pooling between the entry assessment team, tutoring and career guidance services in the school. Students likely to require support are identified at the outset, followed closely by their Tutor and helped by the Support teacher. Tutors who develop a concern about a student refer him to the Learning Support Department. The Learning Support Department empowers students to learn and develop to their full potential. The students work well and achieve remarkable advances as a result of the support they receive from this department.

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